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I have bought gifts for my friends in India many times from different sites including IGP and have had excellent customer service for all other sites.

Recently I was trying to buy gift for mothers' day online from their site since their collection consisted of what I was looking for. I had technical difficult in selecting one of their products in my cart and was looking for a solution so first I called their customer service. This woman picks up and introduces herself. I do too then I start explaining my problem. At first she listens for few minutes then asks me to speak louder and i oblige. FYI i have audible voice for phone and I was already over my normal range of decibels. All this while there are people in her background laughing chitchatting and I can hear them. Then she asks me to speak loudly for the 3rd time and hangs up without listening. I have now moved to a parking lot where I can literally scream and place the call again. Again the same saga repeats.

Still determined I come back to my computer and try to start up a chat. I am successful in doing so and have explained my problem well. To which the person replies that it is possible to personalize the gift. DUHHH!!! The gift is in the personalized gift section with big words the product title saying personalized gift!!! I calm mysef back and start explaining again to which he now answers "thank you for chatting with us..." I remind him that I have not reached a resolution and starts explaining in detail (even a 1 year old kid would have got it by now) and really I was just looking for an answer if is was possible to resolve the issue (if no I would have moved on to a different gift) And so this amazingly intelligent representative not to mention polite ( I am pretty sure he wouldn't get his sarcasm!!!) exits the chat!!! Applause for the customer service!!

I would like to mention I have brought gifts from them in the past and have talked to representative once who was really nice and helpful. But this experience was so bad that it erodes all the other good experience. I hope they get heir customer service back on track and hire some ,if not smart , atleast polite people with basic courtesy.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of indian gifts portal customer care. Indian Gifts Portal needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Indian Gifts Portal Verified Representative


I am really sorry you had to go through this. This generally dosent happen but we do try our best avoid the errors.

Now we wont be able to investigate this case but please give us this chance to restore our faith with IGP again. Please feel free to call us on (022) 4343 3333 or email us on and we'll be happy to assist you.


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